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A factory Nokia 500 starts the Nokia Shell and MobileNavigator.exe. Also, it shows the SD Card as a Mass Storage device when you plug in a PC to USB cable. The SD Card is not available to the Nokia 500 when a PC to USB cable plugged in on the factory system, so it will not start Smart2Go or Update.

Unlocking enables access to the Windows CE desktop by replacing the factory kernel (nk.bin) with a modified version using the Noika 500 updating process. See Unlocking a WinCE GPS System for a general overview about unlocking a PNA.

First check the OS version you have.
  • Click Menu --> SetUp --> System --> About. It should be EUR03_PD-17_V1.0.62_2902
  • If it is European version (EUR01_PD-14....) use nk14.bin in the UnlockN500.zip

Quick instructions to have a WinCE Desktop on the Nokia 500 and it allows ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Connect to connect via USB:
  1. Download UnlockN500.zip, unpack, and put the empty "~task_to_do.tag" file and PND19 directory on your SD Card.
    • The readme lists changes. See Customizing nk.bin for details if you want to make your own new nk.bin
  2. Unplug the USB, and allow it to update. [Updates kernel and formats flash disk]
  3. If the Navigator does not update, click MainPage [Updates Navigator]
  4. Connect the USB cable and start ActiveSync and copy \ALPHA, \BETA, and \MyFlashDisk to your PC as backup copies. NOTE: Your .lg5 file on \ALPHA is specific to your device and cannot be replaced.

If you have screen calibration problems:
Click My Device --> Control Panel --> Stylus --> Calibration tab --> Recalibrate

You can click \Windows\welcome.exe to get the system to run like before. Have to turn it off/on to see the WinCE desktop again.

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