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This site is a discussion about the car GPS device not the Nokia 500 GSM phone There has been very little activity since 2010 so many of the links for downloads have expired. Send rickgtx a personal message and I'll try to find it..

Nokia 500 Auto Navigation

Nokia 500
Specs: See http://www.nokia.com/us-en/support/product/nokia-500-auto-navigation/
CPU: Samsung CPU S3C2440A @400 MHz
Bluetooth, TMC, FM
RAM: 64MB, 43.7 MB available
Flash Memory: 31.41 MB (Smart2Go, Ringtones, and contacts)
Also as flash memory there are DSK1: and DSK2: 1.47MB each
SDHC SD Card up to 16GB
3.7v, 1590 mAh, 20-01673-01B, 82401777, symbol A8T US454261. The physical dimensions are: 63mm x 41mm x 4 mm.

The user interface and Smart2Go Navigation program has been described as underwhelming. The Windows CE desktop is disabled and locked. You can replace an application or an updated registry in the kernel to provide a shell to launch other programs and use the Software Updater to put it in the GPS.

Warning: Please note that changes you make could disable your GPS. This seems unlikely since you can easily reload the factory settings. If you are going to experiment, after you unlock, first back up all your files from \ALPHA, \BETA, and \MyFlashDisk to your PC.
  • Your .lg5 file on \ALPHA is specific to your device and cannot be replaced. If you lose your .lg5 file you cannot navigate with Smart2Go.


This Wiki was started by some of the technical folks from the GPSPassion forum topic Nokia 500 Auto Navigation unlocked to solve the problems in To Be Done. Since then, several Nokia 500 owners have documented their experiences. Please add your experiences - Contact rickgtx to delete or move a page. Here is a summary of some of the topics:
  • iGo 8 without unlocking - This shows how to run iGo 8 on your Nokia 500 without unlocking, updating, or changing anything in the hardware. Under this topic are tips and iGo Primo discussions.
  • Unlocking - This is quick instructions to have a WinCE Desktop on the Nokia 500. Not much details. No software install instructions.
  • Software that works - This is an overview of some navigation programs. There is a N500Sample that has the old startup script you can download and install to sample various navigation programs. The sample contains a modified nk.bin so you do not need to do the Unlocking.
  • With the Nokia Shell and Without the Nokia Shell - Describe the problems and benefits of running programs in the Nokia Shell or not. Running the Nokia Shell is the only way to have the bluetooth phone features.
  • Troubleshooting - This contains information specific to the Nokia 500. It list some common problems and limitations found. Review Back to factory settings to get an understanding how updating works. This is the same process used in unlocking.
  • Startup scripts - Once the Nokia 500 is unlocked, it does not automatically start a program. There is an old startup script and a new startup script. For a description of the scripting language see MortScript and the scripts provided.
  • TMC is a generic discussion on the Nokia TMC. There are specific discussions on iGo's Primo 1 and Primo 2. To date there has not been a confirmed case of the TMC working. However, you can get traffic information with Primo 2.0 Online Traffic.

Operating System: Windows CE 5.0 Core
Processor: ARM920T (armv4i for most of our purposes)
Bluetooth: COM1 CSR
GPS: COM2 9600baud Samsung

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